I woke up this morning to streaming sunlight.

The air seemed so clear, it was amazing. I never realise how dim the world can look until I see how beautiful it could be. The sky was clear and blue, bitterly cold, and the rising sun was white and gold, making the trees black silhouettes as the light peaked through them and blinded me.

The grass glittered with a slight frost, which melted to dew within half an hour.

I went outside, I closed my eyes, and I breathed deep.

“The perfect moment is now … be glad of it.” ~ Terry Pratchett


I’m sorry for such a short post, but … that’s really all I need say.

The photo is mine. The quote is Sir Terry Pratchett’s. ┬áThe place is Ireland.

This is a relevant song: ‘New Morning‘ by Bob Dylan (sung by Darren and Chuck Criss, because it’s my favourite version, but there’s this for the purists — and ’cause Dylan is awesome).